Monday, July 9, 2012

Freelance Writing Sites - Make Money With Your Writing Skill

If you are a blogger who writes articles every day and have a lot of money with your blog, you probably do not need for this. But not all authors of the article with great talent and ability can create a blog with a huge income, blogging is not just in terms of writing, more than that.

Many great writers with his writing failed to build a blog that generates a huge income and long term, because they can not manage to tangle with the relationship between the reader's and the blog itself. And for you're bloggers or article writers with your skill and talent, the website below will be a great place to generates more incomes with your article writing skill.

Writing is a Business That Will Never Die

Even with Google's update algorithm, online business cycles are constantly changing and developing, writing is a field that will not die. Since all other business needs writing, article, copywriting, great ideas generated from a great writer. In short, writing is a job that promises for a long-term.

Good Writer Doesn't Have To Be An Expert In All Niche

Knows, understand, mastering, it does not mean expert. At least a good writer must keep abreast of any developments on the topic to be written.
But of course it would be great if a writer focus and asserted themselves to experts in a particular topic, it would be more value.

Here Where You Can Start Your Writing Career

Here a places or sites where you can get a writing jobs and start to develop  your writing skill to generates more incomes.

ProBlogger Jobs Board

ProBlogger is a famous blog on the web that has been growth as you can see. Visitors floods that site everyday to read an useful blog posts.
It's allow for a website owners or someone to post a job and get a writers. As a writer, you can view and select jobs on the list, which you feel is appropriate and you are confident to do. You can send a resume to a job writing.

 LinkedIn Search Job

LinkedIn is a greatest social media for business. Designed in such a way for businesses to develop their business networks. Find a connection, up to the job or new clients. You can make a use of LinkedIn Job Search to find a writing jobs. Here you have to go. is a well-known sites that bring freelancers and job poster. You can get a "writing job" there, in the appropriate category of "writing".

There you will find many people need the article well-done written. For writer, you will receive according to the price has been set, and deducted several small for a website it self.

As far as I know, the author will receive 81% of the price per article done.

 Mentioned above are a few known sites where you can get a client for "writing job". Another easy way is, simply search at Google. your keyword "write for us" + "and get paid" and many other queries you can use to find sites where you can sell your skills to write and earn more incomes.



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