Saturday, June 23, 2012

How To Create And Add Google XML Sitemap For Blogger Blog

When we were new,  might wonder what is the XML sitemap refers for? The XML Sitemap file is sort of a directory of all pages that already on your web site or blog that accessible to crawlers or users. Search engines like Bing and Google will use these web sitemap files to find pages on your own site or blog that the search bots might have, otherwise missed throughout regularly crawling activity.

Basically a good XML sitemap should contain or mention all the pages that exist on a website, but different case if the blogger blog. Because basically the default sitemap for blogger blog only has 26 post, as you can see in the following example.
That is the main case, that older blog post may not get indexed since the limitation of default blogger blog XML sitemap.
Even so, there are practical and simple way to handle it as you can read below.

Generate an entire Sitemap for your Blogger Blog
This section is valid for each regular Blogger blogs (that use a address) and additionally the self-hosted Blogger blogs that use a custom domain (like

  • Go to blogger sitemap generator here and type your full blogger address (example:
  • After that you click the "crate sitemap" button and you'll find the text generated automatically. That you need to copy the entire text into a clipboard or somewhere other.
  • Then go to your blogger dashboard and find Setting  ---> Search Preferences ---> Custom Robot xtx at the bottom of page --> Click enable --> then paste the text there ---> click save changes

And it's simply done!



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