Friday, June 22, 2012

How To Optimize Your Blog With LinkedIn Network

If you are a businessman and being in a social media campaign, it was definitely you will need to take advantage of LinkedIn, as well as other social media. But here you will be more focused, because it was originally, LinkedIn has been designed in such a way as social media sites for business people to find and build his business network.

In fact, LinkedIn is a great social media sites to find work, and also a lot of business connections. And below are my own thought based on tests and research while ago to use and maximize LinkedIn for business.

1. Join on the  groups

Join groups that are relevant will be crucial. That's surprising as only a few bloggers who take advantage of these features, it is no less useful even when compared to paid members who require to spend money. Consider the following and how you should act to join the group according to your field.

You can try to search and find any groups that may be in your niche or field. By that way you can find a lot people to be connections that actually related with your own business. Active and engage with others daily or in regularly will help you more in building your business connecntionswith LinkedIn.

2. Try a premium account to get notice for potential features

Want to get more features that potentially to expand your LinkedIn campaign? Become premium member will help you in that case. By using premium account (about $30 a month) you will able to use more features like screenshot below and get weekly diggest as well as other poetential informations.

Image courtesy by Porblogger

As you are a business, take advantage of this feature will help you to connect you with more people you are targeting.

3. Share an whortwhile content with LinkedIn share button

In this case, just as if you are on Facebook, Google +1 or Twitter, you need to optimize this function. Or you will really be a great loss.

Other potential benefits with LinkedIn share button is that you'll able to share the content (maybe yours own) with all members of the group in which you join. Tell them with the hope that they will interested to visits or learning more.

When you're in the relevant or correct groups as well as shared relevant & worthwhile content, you'll definitely see the result how they'll clicks and automatically your traffic will increased. The key on these case is you're need to ready with valuable content to share and highly targeted groups or audiences to share for.

4. Be active and show your expertise

There are cases where you need to show your true expertise to really bring in a potential connection. You can try to get attention by starting a discussion on the groups you're join. Talk about or discuss current issues with reason and is accompanied by other support that shows your professionalism as well as your real expertise.

You should note that, consistently will be important in this case. Consistenly share your content and engage more people will take more value here. By these approach, try to always show your professionalism, skill, as well as your expertise. Be a good person and let a quality relationship get built.

5. Follow a big brand or companies related your business or field

If you're running a particular business, then surely you will find millions of other business which is also on LinkedIn. Then now how you look at some of them are essential to you. Try to consider several major companies that influence fit your field, that you think might be useful for some important things like improving visibility, receive essential updates from those who might also be an impact for your company.



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