Thursday, September 20, 2012

Step By Step To Get Video Ranked In YouTube

How to get a YouTube video ranked both in Google or YouTube search engine

YouTube marketing becomes famous by the day. Here, I am not going to talk about YouTube marketing in whole. Let's get to the main point, we're going to talk about how to get a YouTube video ranked both in Google or YouTube search engine.
Let's go to the points below for step by step make your YouTube video ranked on search engine.

Open New Account

I bet you already know how to create a new account on YouTube. So, what's the point I put it on the list?
Ya, there's an optimization you might forgot in creating new account in YouTube.
If you work for certain product or targeted keywords, make sure to use it as your username.That's the point is!
This is not a step that should be overlooked. It is likely you will be difficult to succeed with your YouTube marketing campaign if forget this step.
Try to use the exact keyword for your username if it's possible.

Upload Your Video

The next step is to upload your interesting video. You come in video marketing, of course you have to come up with Optimized video. Make sure that you have met the most important aspects. Read this blog post for 6 point for success video marketing

Click the "upload" button then follow the next step below!

Optimize Your Video For SEO

Another important point (I guess all point here are important) to optimize your video.

  • Include your keyword in the title. It's proved to be effective and the main steps to make your video visible to search engines. Insert keywords in the title.

  • Another keywords in the video tag. Make sure to employ the video tag section. Insert your another key phrase you hope ranked on search engine. But remember, don't be far away from the main topic for the use of keywords. You can search for synonyms of your main keywords to be used as a secondary keyword. This is the sample "your keyword", "synonyms keyword", "other synonyms", etc.

  • Use complete description that describe your video content. You have done it well or you'll hard to get more people view your video. Don't cheat your audience with fake description that not actually your video about. Consider to include your keywords as well here.

You done, save, and watch it online!

That's done to the last step. However, consider to follow some important point below to optimize your video and getting more views to your YouTube video.
That there is no point if you come up with a video without an audience. And below is another aspect to help you reach more views and watch your video marketing.

Do Backlink For Your Video

High ranking video can be very useful to help you bring more people view your video. In this concept, even some video owners find their videos are in the top rankings in just a few hours. But in some cases, especially if your targeted keywords in high competition, you may need an extra work to get it up.
Backlinks is the factor can help your video ranked.
Backlinks that brings visitors with social media backlinking. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and any other major social media and bookmark. Beside help you in the term of SEO / backlinks that's quite effective to drive more people view your YouTube video.
We knows that social media links could be very powerful in SEO. The only thing you have keep it in mind, DO NOT SPAM any social media site.

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